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The acquisition of knowledge drives the Millbrook curriculum. We believe that knowledge empowers and enables children to understand the world around them; past and present, local and global. Knowledge underpins and enables children to secure skills and be able to develop their character and spirituality.

Curriculum subjects are taught separately to ensure there is dedicated time to learn in depth about each subject enabling children to know, understand and value subject specific features. Subject content, including strategically selected vocabulary is mapped out from nursery to year 6 to ensure coverage of identified knowledge is secured at the right time. The tailored sequence of when, what and how knowledge is taught has been deliberately constructed to help children learn and remember more.

To embed and refine their increasing body of knowledge into long term memory, and to place it in context, children link learning to one, or more of the ...10 Millbrook Concepts

Each concept has been carefully selected to connect the knowledge, skills and understanding children acquire at each stage and to reveal and create a rich web of knowledge. The concepts provide the capacity for inspiring children to learn even more at school and at home, thus providing cultural capital.

Our curriculum offer is tailored to meet the needs of Millbrook Park Primary pupils and is driven by our school vision of educating for life in all its fullness.

To watch the concept launch video - click on the link below.

Concept launch video


Each subject has clear incremental steps from early years to year 6 set out on subject knowledge ladders. Subject content is structured and sequenced in a way that enables children to know more and learn more, long term. The acquisition of important vocabulary is planned in a way that ensures pupils have chance to anchor and refine their understanding of it as they go through school.

Teachers are aware of the importance of prior learning requirements to enable success in each lesson so they give children chance to recap on it. Teachers also ensure that the components of subject units are taught in an agreed systematic way so that each unit plays its part in a long term ladder of learning.

Pupils are involved in their learning journeys, by having the overview of the components in a series of lessons before embarking on a unit. They are shown how their current unit knowledge will be crucial for the stage ahead and how it links and build on prior knowledge, skills and understanding which builds a sense of personal responsibility to engage fully with the content.

Throughout the whole curriculum offer pupils are provided with opportunities to revisit and deepen their understanding and cultural capital by linking knowledge to the Millbrook concepts. As children journey through school from nursery to the end of year six they collect concept coins as a physical reminder and celebration of their increasing bank of knowledge.


Please see Individual subject headings for subject knowledge ladders.



The impact of curriculum content is assessed though the most appropriate and useful methods. Some of the methods we use are: observations, test/data outcomes, monitoring of books and displays, lesson learning walks, as well as discussions with teaching staff, pupils and parents.


Many subject units have planned composite tasks which take place at the end, requiring the children to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the unit components and to draw on wider knowledge and understanding gained through concept connections. The outcomes of these composite tasks allow teachers to assess how children’s long term memory has been altered.

The desired outcomes of the whole curriculum are to ensure that pupils are well educated, well rounded students, ready to embark on high school education. They will be equipped with the knowledge foundations and skills to achieve success in later education and know how to keep safe. Pupils will have an understanding of what they are good at and have developed skills to face challenges and know what it means to have been educated for life in all its fullness.

January 2021 Remote Offer Information


The Millbrook Virtual Library

 Millbrook children and families can access the library through the whole school Google Classroom. Look for the special guest reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the chapter book section of the library!

Additional information about the current remote offer can be found under the 'Parent' tab on the home page.