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Languages Curriculum Ladder


  • To be able to listen attentively to spoken language and show understanding by joining in and responding
  • To know the patterns and sounds of language through songs and rhymes and link the spelling, sound and meaning of words
  • To engage in conversations; ask and answer questions; express opinions and respond to those of others; seek clarification and help*
  • To know how to speak in sentences, using familiar vocabulary, phrases and basic language structures
  • To develop accurate pronunciation and intonation so that others understand when they are reading aloud or using familiar words and phrases*
  • To know how to present ideas and information orally to a range of audiences*
  • To know how to read carefully and show understanding of words, phrases and simple writing
  • To appreciate stories, songs, poems and rhymes in the language
  • To broaden their vocabulary and develop their ability to understand new words that are introduced into familiar written material, including through using a dictionary
  • To know how to write phrases from memory, and adapt these to create new sentences, to express ideas clearly
  • To know how to describe people, places, things and actions orally* and in writing