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Geography Curriculum Ladder


Intent for geography

Early Years

  • Children should know about the similarities and differences in relation to the places where they live compared to other areas using a wide range of books and stories to support descriptive vocabulary. They should know some of the features of their own immediate environment and how environments might vary from one another with close observation of weather and the effect changes in season including plants and animals.


  • Children should know how to use geographical appropriate language to describe their local area including points of interest and its environment. They should know some of the differences in physical and human geography in relation to their local area and begin to apply these skills to less familiar areas. Children should build their knowledge of the United Kingdom including its place on a map, its capital cities and characteristics of the four countries. Children should be able to further their map skills by being able to use them appropriately to locate other countries, continents and oceans before exploring characteristics of the seven continents and oceans. Children should be able to use first hand observation where possible.


  • Children should know how to use a map to find European countries, cities and regions and oceans. They should develop geographical skills through using maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to locate features studied. They should know how to describe and understand key aspects of human geography including settlements and land use, economic activities linking to trade and the distribution of natural resources.
  • Children should learn about the features of rivers with a focus on the River Thames and have a strong knowledge of the water cycle.
  • Children should have a good knowledge about how human and physical characteristics of cities and regions may change over time and what causes these changes. They should be able to use a globe or map to locate climate zones and be able to think about the future and the effects global warming is having on the world including ways that pupils at Millbrook Park can be more conscious of sustainability and help prevent global warming.