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Millbrook has been awarded the Music Mark in recognition of the breadth of music opportunities our children receive.

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Music Curriculum Ladder


Intent for Music

  • To become proficient in understanding of the inter-related dimensions of music.
  • For all children to feel able, and keen to express their individual ideas through creative and compositional musical mediums.
  • To become skilled in evaluating and analysing creative work, including their own, using the language of music.
  • To have a growing knowledge about a range of great musicians and to understand the historical and cultural development of their music.
  • To know where to find out about musicians and to hear their work.
  • To know about the importance of music in a range of cultures.
  • To know how music can have an impact on emotions and mood.
  • To add to the children’s deepening knowledge about the 10 Millbrook concepts in order to become well educated citizens
  • To provide opportunities for children to live out the vision of experiencing life in all its fullness.

Peripatetic music lessons for KS2 - Y3 to Y6

Millbrook Park School is in partnership with Barnet Educational Arts Trust (BEAT) who offer private lessons during the school time at Millbrook Park for woodwind or brass. Individual lessons are 15, 20 or 30 minutes in length.  

If you are interested in booking your child lessons you can sign up and pay online at then follow the instructions to enrol your child. There is a strict deadline to sign up and pay for each term so that teachers can be allocated. 

You may hire certain instruments, subject to availability, from BEAT. Please contact Laura Christie at to arrange.

Millbrook Park School is also in partnership with Mrs Emanuel who offers private lessons in school for violin. You can book violin lessons directly through Mrs Emanuel our violin teacher at

Mrs Emanuel also runs a recorder club at lunchtime which also includes children in KS1.