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Millbrook Park

Year 1

The design, content, implementation and evaluation of our year 1 curriculum plays a key role in how we make our school vision come to life and enable all in our school to experience life in all its fullness. Our curriculum reflects and supports our pursuit of academic excellence and concept knowledge building for all.

At Millbrook we are very proud of our broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum. Year 1 teaching and learning is underpinned by the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. To find out about the aims of our curriculum and how we enrich our teaching in all subject areas please click on the curriculum vision under the curriculum tab.

The termly curriculum overviews for the year one group (below) provide information about the main topics, knowledge and content to be taught and how this is structured over the term and year. Skills are also taught alongside the knowledge set out in the overviews; our teaching builds on skills taught in previous year groups as well as laying the foundations for the knowledge and skills to be taught in following years. Please ask your child's teacher for more information. 

The year 1 half term subject plan sample (below) shows how lessons are organised within a unit to build on prior learning, towards a new key objective which can then be assessed against.


Each subject is given separate dedicated time on the timetables to ensure subject knowledge and vocabulary is rigorously taught and subject specific skills are developed. A half term overview for each subject is created like the autumn 1 Science sample below.

 Click below to read about what year 1 learn about in Autumn 1

(September and October)

Y1 Autumn 1 Curriculum Summary - All Subjects




 Click below to read about what year 1 learn about in Autumn 2

(November and December)

  Y1 Autumn 2 Curriculum Summary - All Subjects