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We aim to create a positive attitude towards home learning and help set good habits for secondary school by establishing a joy of learning both in and out of school.

We are concerned that the work is of interest to the children and matched to their ability.

We ask that parents support their child with any home learning given. 

Home learning routines begin in Reception with a focus on reading.  Our primary task is to foster an independent joy of reading.  This can be done by sharing books, being read to by an adult and exploring a wide range of books.  Sharing a book with your child is a pleasure and will provide a positive model for their future learning. There will also be simple tasks to complete at home from learning phonics, mathematics and key words.

From Year 1 onwards, home learning increases to include maths tasks and English or subject related tasks. Daily reading and number bonds leading onto times-table practice are expected.  ‘Meet the Parents’ meetings are held at the start of each year where parents are invited in to meet the new teachers where they are informed about year group routines and expectations. These change as a child progresses through school and by Year 6 children are really expected to be managing tasks independently however they will value a parent’s support and advice on its quality. 

As far as possible, home learning is related to class work taken from the school’s curriculum. Where appropriate, home learning is differentiated to meet the needs of the learner but will always seek to challenge the individual.