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School Travel Plan

A school travel plan (STP) is a document that shows how we encourage the whole school community to adopt safer and more sustainable ways of travel to and from school.

It consists of annual surveys, consultation with children, parents, governors, staff and the local community, initiatives and activities that are embedded in our curriculum and part of our day to day school life.

The STP has three levels, bronze, silver and gold. We achieved Gold in September 2021.

In the last academic year (2020-2021), in liaison with Barnet and TfL Stars, we have organised and run:

Bikeability training: A five day course for year 6 pupils to teach the practical skills and understanding of on-road cycling that enables them to travel safely around the local area and encourages them to feel safe navigating the roads for independent travel. We ran another four day course (due to the bank holiday) for year 5 pupils in May 2021.

Walk to school Week: Our first walk to school week for this academic year was held in October 2020. Pupils across all year groups were provided with their own booklets that asked them to look at their surroundings with fun facts and small activities to do on their walk to school. Each class also had its own sticker map that allowed pupils to interact and add stickers along the map to show how far they had walked. Walk to school badges were awarded at the end of the week. We rano Walk to School week again in May 2021.

Clean air day: In October 2020, we held a 'Clean air day' across the school where classes participated in age appropriate assemblies that discussed the effects of pollution and then experimented and explored pollution and ventilation in a number of activities. 

Wizard Theatre: Road safety workshops: ?In November 2020, pupils in years 1,2 and 3 attended road safety workshops in school, run by Wizard Theatre. Pupils were taught ways to safely cross roads, to look out for danger and recognise hazards while walking followed by discussions around positive and negative ways of travelling to and from school. The workshop also focused on the children's own personal school journey, specific to our school's local area.

Hands-up surveys: To have insight in to the most used methods of travel for our current pupils and staff.

Bike and scooter competition: Both parents and children enjoyed this and the turn out was fantastic, we opened a parent feedback survey about road safety in the local area and plan to use that feedback to initiate new ideas for next academic year.

'Stepping up': Information for year 6 pupils who will be travelling independently to their secondary school in September, and their families.

Earth day:  Activities that sought to remind the children of prior knowledge of pollution and encourage them to find less polluting ways of travelling to school e.g. public transport, park and stride.

Playtime: ?Younger pupils having access to balance bikes, bikes and scooters during play time to improve confidence and ability.

Communications with parents and families: ?To remind and educate our parents and carers about the changes they can make about travelling sustainably locally.

Early Years Pilot: Alongside Barnet's Safe and Sustainable team, we have helped to create resources and lessons for children in the early years to learn more about road safety and keeping safe while out and about that will be rolled out to other schools in the borough next academic year. In return we received a road safety toolkit that can be accessed at any time across the school to teach road safety for all ages.

Safe Parking: Reminders for residents and parents to park safely around the school area, with special considerations to safeguard all of the children that attend our school and not to prioritise their own convenience.


Below is a copy of our School Travel Plan (STP).