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Millbrook Park




Mrs Dudley

Head Teacher
Designated Safeguarding Lead (when not the DHT)  

Ms Kennedy

Deputy Head Teacher
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Styman

Assistant Headteacher - Quality of Teaching and Learning
Year 6 Teacher - Camden     Science & Outdoor Lead

Miss Shaw

Assistant Headteacher - Assessment and Data
Year 6 Teacher - Brixton      English/Writing Lead

Miss Ward

EYFS Co-ordinator - EYFS Curriculum Lead
Reception Teacher - Monument

Miss Clarke


 Miss Fagan

Nursery Teacher - Paddington

Religious Education Lead

Miss Kent

Reception Teacher - Heathrow

Miss Singer / Mr Goolam-Hossen

Year 1 Teachers - Hampstead

Miss Dixon

Year 1 Teacher - Richmond
PE/Health and Well Being Lead

Mrs Davis

KS1 Leader & Year 2 Teacher - Wimbledon 

KS1 English/Reading Lead

Miss Murphy

Year 2 Teacher - Pimlico

Computing Lead

Miss Chan

Year 3 Teacher - Greenwich 

Geography Lead

Mr Marshall

Year 3 Teacher - Knightsbridge 

KS2 Reading Lead

Mr Bradford

Year 4 Teacher - Westminster 

Music Lead

Miss O'Connor

Year 4 Teacher - Victoria 

History Lead

Miss Nwaneri

Year 5 Teacher - Piccadilly 

Maths Lead

Mrs Herbert

Year 5 Teacher - Euston 

Art Lead

Ms Marshall

French Teacher

Ms Keltie / Ms Melling / Mr Shirazi

PPA Cover Teachers

Miss Corbishley

Teaching Assistant

Miss Rentzos

Teaching Assistant

Ms Maley

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Simmons

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr Hawkins

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Badal

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Ms Khallouk

Teaching Assistant

Ms Molloy

Teaching Assistant

Ms Goury

Teaching Assistant

Ms Hannan

Teaching Assistant

Ms Mjekici

Teaching Assistant

Ms Kieczka

 Teaching Assistant

Ms Mayclim

Teaching Assistant

Ms Lawrence-Hobbs

Learning Mentor 

Ms Butler

Teaching Assistant & SEN Assistant

Ms Sulja 

Teaching Assistant

Ms Oppong

Teaching Assistant

Ms Thomas

Teaching Assistant

Ms Karp

Teaching Assistant

Ms Gaglani

Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms Kramer

Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms Behzadi

Outdoor Learning Assistant/Farm Lead

Mrs Finney

Administrator / School Admissions

Ms Upali

Administrative Assistant / Nursery Administrator

Mrs Irving

Administrative Assistant / Purchasing

Ms Koree

Business Manager (maternity leave)

Mrs Panwar

Business Manager (maternity leave cover)

Mr Superbi

Site Manager

Mr Bedkowski


Ms Gyurova

Catering Assistant

Ms Veloso

Catering Assistant


The Reading Dog

Ms Stelzer

School Cleaner & Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Reilly

School Cleaner & Reading Volunteer

Miss Yoka

School Cleaner                                                                                               


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